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What is a Hand Made Diamond Ring Jewellery?

What is a Hand Made Diamond Ring Jewellery?

A comparison between Machine Made and Handmade Ring. it is like comparing food cooked at home and ordered from a restaurant or a sculpture making a master piece handmade compared to machine made statues from China/India or from any factory

Machine made rings are much better in finishing as they go through a process of CAD, CAM, CAST , FILING, SETTING, POLISHING and RHODIUM.
where as a Handmade rings beauty lies in its Imperfection. the finishing might not be great , due to lack of tools certain areas of the jewellery might not have been polished properly but when the piece is ready there is some kind of beauty in it.
Certain categories of jewellery in india like Polki, KUndan, Meena work are all done under HandMade mostly in Jaipur
Machine Made is mainly for bulk orders, where as Handmade is for single piece . not that single piece cant be done by machine and large orders by handmade, it all depends on the type of design and clients requirement.

Do you know most of the jewellery in the world is been manufactured in countries like China and India .

India with such a glorious past of making jewellery which has inspired likes of Cartier, Harry Winston has supplied diamonds for more than 25 centuries
We are based in mumbai diamond market and help consumers like you to source their diamonds right from the manufacturers and set them in piece of jewellery as per their style and budget. this way a consumer not only saves enough money but buys much better quality of diamonds which is comprise approx 80% of any jewellery piece.




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